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    EL Sprinkler Repair
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    1. Check and replace sprinkler timer                                                                                                             
    2. Set proper watering times for lawns and gardens
    3. Repair wiring problems
    4. Check and replace sprinkler valves
    5. Check for any leaks
    6. Repair and replace broken sprinklers and pipes
    7. Add or remove sprinklers to your system
    8. Repair drip system
    9. Reduce over watering and puddling
    10. Create water saving plan

I have over 15 years of sprinkler repair experience working with Evergreen Landscape and EL Sprinkler Repair.

My clients are residential and commercial. I serve Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, and surrounding cities. 

- Who does the work? I do, Jose J Calderon. I am the owner of EL Sprinkler Repair. 
- How do you work? Your job cost will be determined by the time it takes to be completed the job, the difficulty, and the material.
- Is your work guaranteed? Yes, my work is guaranteed for 1 year. If any of the work I do fails, I will repair it for free.

Hire me because…
- I’m experienced. You will save time, money, and frustration because I have the knowledge and tools to get your sprinkler system working properly. 
- I’m insured. You are protected with any work I do.
- All of my work is guaranteed for 1 full year. 

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